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Aluminum & Brass


Powder-coated aluminum is ideal for outdoor use, it is highly weather resistant. The powder coat finish ensures a scratch-proof surface, protection from corrosion, and UV-resistance.


Wash the furniture with a solution of mild detergent and water, rinse with clear water, and dry thoroughly. To all metal frames, apply a fine, clear automobile wax for maximum protection against harmful ultraviolet exposure and salt air.

For best protection, perform this maintenance two or three times per year in low pollution areas or more frequently in high pollution areas. Please note that these durable materials can be safely cleaned as often as desired. Note: Some suntan and sun-blocking products may be harmful to resin, Suncloth cushions and strap, Versatex and Parabolic mesh and vinyl lace and strap. Do not allow such products to come in contact with any seating surfaces to avoid deep penetrating stains, which are not covered under warranty.


Brass will naturally patina to a reddish-brown or greenish-blue finish, depending on local conditions.  This is a natural process of the material.  


To restore the satin finish, polish the length of the frame with a non-woven, non-abrasive pad. Be careful to keep any cleaner from contact with the strap, as it may cause discoloration.